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Our lives changed in the blink of an eye. On September 1, 2009, Samuel was in an accident involving sulfuric acid. After suffering second and third degree burns due to an accidental encounter with this deadly substance, we were launched onto a long road of recovery. As the years progressed, we learned that as Samuel overcame the physical scars inflicted by this explosion, the emotional scars still required smoothing out. 

''I am going to write about this one day," Samuel thought to himself lying awake one night a few weeks after his life changed forever. In early October of 2009, Samuel knew that there was a story lying just beneath the surface of the bright red scars splashed prominently under his nose, covering both cheeks and large swaths of his neck.  Meaning could be derived from this heart-breaking experience. ​Others could gather seeds of hope from the comeback that would be made. With the passage of time, Samuel felt that a mother's perspective was needed in order to illuminate the road traveled. He asked his mother, Kate, to join the project, and describe the journey of how our family stayed connected. Working together as a team, they set out to craft words of both healing and hope for individuals and families.

Samuel Moore-Sobel is a regular columnist for the Blue Ridge Leader. His work has been published in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Loudoun Times-Mirror, and Loudoun Now, among many others. He graduated magna cum laude in December 2015 from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and International Politics. He currently works by day as a business process consultant within the government consulting industry. In an effort to serve the community of his youth, he was appointed and confirmed as a member of the Loudoun County Disability Services Board by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and was recently featured in Vice Chairman Ralph Buona's Annual Report. A dynamic and engaging speaker, he has spoken at conferences and various other settings about suffering, spirituality, and the cultivation of hope.

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Kate Moore is a classically trained pianist who studied at The Catholic University of America and has been teaching piano for over 30 years. Kate served as adjunct faculty at Gallaudet University teaching students piano in addition to her private piano studio. She was a writer and co-editor of Musically Minded Magazine for 15 years, a publication for school age music students as well as having been published in Keyboard Companion. As a music teacher at a private school she wrote, directed and produced programs involving hundreds of students and has taught apologetics at summer camps in Northern Virginia. After 2 planned births at home she became a passionate advocate for home birth starting a company, BirthConnections.com educating and connecting families to birth options in Northern Virginia. An energetic and compelling communicator, she has spoken to groups of all sizes about mothering, apologetics and hope.